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    Anyone have one of these? What are your impressions?

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    Just got mine late last week. So far I'm happy with it. I got the version without the belt clip. It's very thin (coming from my Treo600 form fit case from PalmOne) and can still fit nicely in your pocket, which is a plus, and no plastic covering the keyboard or screen (I use a screen protector) which I decided I didn't like from my old 600 case. The Menu and Home keys are a little harder to push since the bottom part of the screen cutout comes really close to the keys but not such a big deal.

    Because it's so thin it's definitely not going to protect the phone from a fall but I knew that going in so just have to be careful. Will help with case scratches etc however if you bump your treo up against anything. The cutout holes seem to be pretty good and will probably get a little better over time.

    As mentioned in one other thread, the leather puckers a little on the side where the cutout for the volume keys and side button are but doesn't bother me too much.

    So, overall I like it, and suits my minimal needs for easy screen and keyboard access, ability to slip into your pocket etc. and makes the treo less slippery (although the leather is pretty smooth
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    the corners are uncoverd-LAME. Basic physics says when you drop something, corners are best chance for impact. This annoys me to no end. MANY great cases do NOT cover the corners. Idiots
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    wait are you the young turk fron the website the young turks?
    No, I'm this YoungTurk:

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    Where can I buy this case?
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    u can order sena cases from

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