I have an unlocked 650, in this case, I guess it would apply to both the unlocked and Cingular models (T-mobile does not have EDGE, as far as I know).

I played around with a Sony Ericsson S710a for a couple of weeks and noticed that there was a status screen where it would tell me if I am connected via EDGE or GPRS.

It seems that the Treo data connector is only aware of GPRS, even if it is connected as EDGE and EDGE speeds.

I know there is, for most of the time, an obvious speed difference, but it would be nice if there were a tool that can tell me if the phone is connected via EDGE or GPRS. Anyone? Anyone?


By the way, EDGE is so inconsistent. I can run five speed tests within five minutes and get drastically different speeds, as high as 120k and as low as 50k. My buddy's Sprint T650 will consistantly get 100k+ via 1XRTT.