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    I skipped the 600 and got the 650 the first day it became available. No regrets! Better screen and camera, bluetooth, backlit keyboard...
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    Quote Originally Posted by randoo
    I still have a Treo 180 and would like to buy a new smartphone.
    I have read lot of discussions here about if upgrade from
    treo 600 to 650 or not, but my problem is or to buy a Treo
    600 (+/- 460 dollar in my country) or Treo 650 (+/- 700 dollar
    in my country).
    It's your money, and you know what you can afford, but the 650 has four times the screen resolution of the 600 = 320x320 pixels versus 160x160.. it makes doing things like Web browsing an absolute joy because of its much higher resolution on a 2" square screen.. other advantages include the replaceable battery and non-volatile Flash RAM, although due to the latter, it slows the machine down a bit at times, as it swaps programs and data in and out of memory, but for the most part, the delay is not obnoxious..

    So depending on how much a MUCH better screen is worth to you, and the other enhancements, and what your budget is, no one can make this decision except you.. but once you buy it, you have to live with it, and I think if you set the two models side by side and loaded the same Web site on both of them, that right there would sell you on the 650..

    Sometimes newer isn't always better, and there are plenty of things out there in the wacky world of consumer electronics, and other consumer products like cars, that were "better" a few years ago than the later generations are now.. it's all a very individual decision based on your wants, desires, budget, perception, likes an dislikes..

    Anyway, my point is, sometimes newer isn't always better, but if the quality of the screen resolution matters to you, the 650 wins hands down over the 600.. the speakerphone is fantastic, (on calls to at least three dozen different people I have asked them if they could tell I was using its speakerphone feature, and every single one of them said "No" they couldn't tell).. I don't think the 650 is perfect, I think they rushed it out and I could name half a dozen quirks in its design I would change, if I could.. and it's late and I'm going back to sleep so good luck with whatever you decide..

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    Thank you all for your anwers.

    I think I'll choose the 650.
    I'll use the PDA mostly as phone and would like to know if it is true that the 650 isn't as loud as the 600?

    I've read some reviews about the 650 and they al write about the loudness of the 650. The sound of the 600 is better and louder then the 650.
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