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    So I have vpn access to my office's email, an exchange server. Anyone know of a way I can use my treo to get access to my email?
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    I can only make a suggestion as too how I got around this and hopefully your company won't frown upon for me.

    I work at home I have a Checkpoint secure remote running, I have to login and keep the client running in the tray to get my work mail..I couldnt find a suitable VPN client for Treo650 to grab my work mail so I thought of something that works for me.

    I run Thunderbird e-mail client and likely you can do the same with Outlook or whatever client you use...I have my work account setup in Thunderbird as well as a IMAP account on my personal server, when new mail comes in for work I have the folder set to send a copy to my personal account into a folder called "Work Mail"

    Now I just have mail being copied from my Work VPN account folder to my personal IMAP folder which doesnt use VPN and I can access my work email that is using the vpn

    To do this on Thunderbird I had to download this plugin

    This allows the mail to be forwarded and stuff and allowed me to have it sent to another folder.

    Only problem i noticed at first was if the mail client wasnt open and mail came to my work account I wouldnt receive it...the mail client had to be open to transfer it to the other accounts folder, to resolve this I got a extension for Thunderbird that runs the mail client in the tray...mail now comes to me on my Treo via push using Chattermail...sometime sit hits my Treo before I get the alert from Thunderbird mail client.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by SEH
    So I have vpn access to my office's email, an exchange server. Anyone know of a way I can use my treo to get access to my email?
    Try using OWA with Aileronmail Personal Access it can eliminate your need of using VPN If you are using a MS Exchange server with 2000 or higher versions.

    For more reference you can also visit this thread:

    Alternatively, you can visit us online for a live and interactive chat support at for more details about OWA with Aileronmail Personal Access.
    Tim K
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    Depending on the type of VPN system at your office, you might be able to use Megic VPN for Palm. I have this running into some Watchguard Fireboxes and it works fine. Once VPN is up, just run Snappermail and get your email. Sounds like your Exchange admin should setup encrypted IMap, Pop3 and authenticated SMTP. Snapper works well with all these and the server is protected by using ports with encryption! It's cool!
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    Thanks guys, I'll give this a try today.

    Tim, don't you remember our lively discussion in another thread that your product is not appropriate for my needs because I did not want it to go through a 3rd party's server and it is still in beta stage?
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    Pardon me for my mistake. Actually I might have forgot about my conversation with you. My intention was not to create spam or confuse you.

    It seems I'm really getting older. I need to improve really.
    Tim K
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    The concern/question I have about the VPN approach, is does it require an extra step to getting your e-mails. I.e. do you have to first start the VPN and then go get your mail? This would defeat the push e-mail concept. Keep us posted on what you find SEH.
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    A businesss ("company A") I work for requires a VPN connection and will not enable settings on their windows 2000 server to allow e mail forwarding to outside addresses.

    I would like to find a way to forward from outlook on my local (work) computer (company A) to my outside company email addresss (2003 exchange server) that I'm running Good link on (company B), so that I can get company "A's" email sent to my 650.

    Anyone know of third party software that can interface with outlook and forward messsages automatically?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SEH
    So I have vpn access to my office's email, an exchange server. Anyone know of a way I can use my treo to get access to my email?
    I am using my Sprint Treo 650 with VersaMail (which supports Microsoft ActiveSync) and Mergic VPN.

    My corporate email system uses Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, which also supports ActiveSync.

    So the idea is to be able to set up an account on your treo650 with Versa Mail that is configured with the ActiveSync option to access corporate email. No extra servers are required. I haven't fooled with setting up automatic synchronizing so I run mergic first and then Versamail.

    here are some set-up notes.

    Once you create and activesync email account, it will delete all of you calendar entries on your Treo since they will now get synchronized from ActiveSync along with email.

    First download the Mergic VPN. You can do the 15 day trial before committing.

    Information on Mergic VPN is at:

    After you install the VPN, there are only a few setup options to get the VPN operational.

    Here are some of the VPN setup parameters:

    Account - any name you want
    Username - your corporate login name
    Password - same as your email password
    VPN Server name- your corporate VPN server

    For ActiveSynch account in VersaMail.

    Find the Account setup menu in VersaMail
    Create a new account.

    Account name: any name you want
    Mail Service:Exchange ActiveSync
    Username: same as you login to windows
    Email address:
    Mail Server:

    AThe other settings I went in the advanced settings and for Incoming mail Service use secure settings should NOT be checked and the port number is 80.
    I have no proxy server defined.
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    Sbade: Family obligations and too much work have dominated my time and I have not had a chance to work on this.

    Mike: I'm going to research your set up to see if it will work with what my office has.

    If all else fails, I will use my personal mail server, forwarding work mail there and then accessing it via and imap client. This would all be so much simpler if the Blackberry Connect vaporware just appeared!

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