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    Must be a way: I've got a bunch of midi files that are music (not for ring tones). How can I play them? I thought pocket tunes would play them or real player, but it seems not.
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    Download them to your treo. they'll be in the area where your other ringtones are.
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    Thanks, but I don't want ringtones. I'd like to play these files like music files, so that I can play several in a row, or repeat them, and have some sort of pocket-tunes-type interface.
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    Universal butler (a plugin for Ptunes) allows you to play midi files.
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    Universal Butler seem not to do this (as a plug-in to ptunes) but I found an OK product, by Botzam . This does crash now and then and does not play files larger than 60k (it seems) but it does play native midi files. ittyMIDI is another option I found, but this converts a set of MIDI files to a "book" (a pdb file) and this is less convienent for me.
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    Bhajis Loops should be able to play it I believe, and it also provides the ability to compose directly on your Treo.
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    Am I the only one that thinks the midi instruments on the Treo 650 / 600 sound like crap? (They sounded pretty decent - for a cell phone - on my Sanyo MM7400).

    Do any of these apps actually come with instruments to replace the default ones on the Treo? I love midis but who'd want to listen to them the way they sound on the Treo by default...
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    Ringo let's you make your own midi ringtones..

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