I a want to make the leap from Treo 600 to Treo 650 but I won't do it until there is some way to preserve/access my SMS threads from the 600. I am not alone, I've seen this issue brought up many times on several sites and there simply is no way to do this.

I don't mind starting new threads on the 650, but I don't want to permanently lose the threads I have on my 600. I would be happy with one of three options:

1) This is the easiest and requires no development. Is there any way to install the SMS application that ships with the 600 on the 650 so I can read the SMS .pdb files I copied over from the 600?

2) If #1 is impossible, the next best option is if someone could write an application that runs on the 650 and can access the .pdb files from the 600 (or can export them to another file type that is more easily accessible).

3) If those options are too difficult I would settle for a PC-Based application that at least lets me view the .pdb files from the 600. It would be nice if I could copy/cut the text so I could paste it into another app.

I've done software development and can't imagine something like this being too difficult. Palm must have a public spec on what exactly lies in the SMS application's .pdb files. All that's needed is an application to extract the data.

I would gladly pay for such an application if it worked well and was reasonably priced. I'm confident many others would be willing to pay for access to their SMS threads too.