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    Enzo44 - My comments were not directed to you in any way personal. Just an overall view since some folks have taken issue with a TON of things and expect P1 to have it all built in... It was more towards others who probably know who they are.

    viper_ - I fully agree with you that this would be a nice feature to have. Just not one I care much about. And not one I've seen many complaints about at all. So although I don't work for or with P1 I'm sure the obvious answer would be that there is not much demand for the feature. So they've focused on the features that are in highest demand from potential Treo buyers. I know some cheap cell phones that do not have the voice recorder feature. It's not such a "universal" feature in all phones.

    Welcome to Treo Land .
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    It seems P1 is expected to fill every void these days.
    Kind of hard to do at the rate people keep digging new ones, huh?

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    ^ I think its great folks come up with more things they would like to see in the Treo. It is exactly how we got all the apps that are out there for the Palm OS. I'd like to see that 3rd party market continue to grow. That is really what makes a Treo superior to many other devices out there today.

    I just find these days some folks look for P1 to fill these voids when it would be better that others do it to foster more competiton. I mean somebody said "I wish Windows had a browser" and look at the mess that got the computing world into .

    I do think P1 should open things up on the audio end for developers to make a recording app.
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