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    I am considering buying a treo 650. I have been doing some research on the internet and talking to my cell phone conection. I get the same story from both...the treo crashes randomly. Is this true? I called Palm but they didn't have much of an answer, they blamed it on 3rd party software. I asked if there had been a OS upgrade since the treo 650 was first launched and the people I talked to said no...seems like they would considering some of the problems I have been reading about. I would like to get some input if its worth getting the treo 650. Thanks! - D.undefined
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    You'll hear lots of horror stories here; you'll also hear lots of tales from folks who are totally in love with their Treos (like myself) - take both with a grain of salt.

    Best bet is to buy one from someplace with a good return policy, and try it out for the things you need the most - Phone, PDA, Tunes, Web, IM, eBooks, whatever...
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    Thanks for the advice. Do you know anything about a OS upgrade?
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    Just read around here and you'll get a good feel for the pros/cons. It's my opinion that most of the folks that post here are bleeding edge adoptors of new tech and have pretty high expectations. The 650 friggin rocks, even with a hiccup here and there. I've retired my laptop. Skipped work today to play 36 holes and no one would ever know - I was completely connected.
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    I went with the T600, but that's because I'm too cheap to shell out for the T650 . Even with the horror stories, I think I'd take the chance on it, especially after having my 600 for a couple of weeks.

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