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    Before someone tells me to run a search, I already did and couldn't get a definite answer. I need an app that can view RTF formatted files directly from email attachments on the Treo 650. Not an app that works in conjunction with my PC, because well frankly, if I am at my PC I could just convert the file from it. I work odd hours and have my work orders for the following day emailed to me every afternoon. I'd like to be able to view these from the Treo while on the road so I can get a jump on the next day...Thanks
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    I haven't tried it, so I don't know, but since RTF is a native Word format, Docs To Go will probably do it.

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    Thanks, but for some reason DTG will not open it. I thought the same thing but alas no dice. Thats why I am calling out to the masses. Of course I have not received many responses on options. There has to be a program out there somewhere. I have even tried Wordsmith to no avail so far.
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    I found the same thing. Not sure why that is.
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    I just don't get it! Isn't RTF the file type that it supposed to be able to be converted on any platform without sacrificing much of its formatting?? Is there no program available, after all of these years, for Palm OS that can open up a simple RTF file?? Or a least allow me to convert it to a .doc, .txt, or .pdb file when I save it to my SD card so that I can at least open the file without the use of the PC?? I purchased my Treo 650 with the understanding that I did not have to rely so heavily on my PC. Maybe I am missing something? I am still wet behind the ears handling the Palm OS. Could my answer be right before my eyes? Please someone, help me believe that I didn't make a mistake in choosing the Treo over a PPC product and tell me that I can in fact at least convert the file directly on the Treo. Thanks
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    I think Docs from Mobi-Systems might do the job.
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    Have you tried opening the file in Blazer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Have you tried opening the file in Blazer?
    yes, i have tried blazer, but my corporate website only makes our work orders available for download in either RTF or PDF format. When I try to download the file it tells me "my device does not support this file type, do you wish to save to card?"

    do you know for sure that Docs from Mobi-Systems will work? I will give it a look.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    I think Docs from Mobi-Systems might do the job.

    Thanks, Docs works. Its not perfect but at least I can open the attachments and view them. It doesn't reformat too well but I can live with it just fine for now till something better comes along or they improve upon it. I may be getting rid of Docs-To-Go now. Unless someone can convince me of its usefullness??
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    Docs looks OK, but it's a replacement for DTG. Anyone know of a freeware (other than PalmFiction) option that registers the .rtf documents?

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