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    I am trying to get a Motorola HS801 working with my Treo 650. I know it's not on P1's "approved list", but Cingular had them for $30 (after rebate) so I thought I'd give it a try.

    It does work some of the time. Other times, it causes my T650 to reset when I try to answer an incoming call. Now even a headset that is not officially compatible should not cause a crash, should it? Makes me wonder if I have a hardware problem with my Treo that would warrant an exchange.

    Any other experiences with this headset or with bluetooth crashes?
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    I have a Cingular Treo 650 with the Moto HS801 as well.
    It works great for outgoing calls, but when I answer incoming calls I have problems.

    At first, I had the "Discoverable" setting on the Bluetooth set to "No" and when I would get an incoming call, people couldn't hear me, but I could hear them through the headset.

    Then, I tried to be "smart" and set the setting to yes. Well it fixed my problem for only 1/2 of a second. People could hear me, but it would reset my phone before I could talk to them! Outgoing calls, however, still work without a problem.

    My treo is only 1 week old! I also just upgraded the firmware from palm. The NFV fix, hoping this would fix the problem, but nothing!

    Is it the phone? The headset? Any ideas? I'm tempted to return it and try another model of headset.
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    I was wondering if anyone ever got this headset to work with their 650? I just got the same headset and am having the same problem of people not being able to hear me talk, only mine doesnt work on incoming or outgoing calls. I tried turning discoverable setting to on, but it didnt work either. Mine doesnt crash though, so i guess thats a plus. I am with cingular and have the 1.15 upgrade

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