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    i messed up the updater process. i didn't do the hotsync right before thinking i could just back up mu data from my palm "secure file pda bacup" card.

    i had 12 mb available after deleting many important programs like snappermail. etc.

    the updater seemed to go fine. only after i tired to restore my data from the backup card did it go into an endless loop of resets.

    i tried to do that zero out reset i saw in a posy but now it says "bootload v 0.19" andhas white, blue, green, and red stripes!

    i need to go to work for a few hours. i will check back after 9 pm. please help!
    Sprint Treo 700p, Sony UX/TX, u720,
    Edirol R-09, Mitsu PK 20, Mimio
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    I just installed the hot sync/palm desktop application on my new computer. When I connected and attempted to sync, I got put into and endless restart loop. Now I have the Bootload v. 0.17 error on my PDA with Red, Green, Blue and White stripes. Did you ever get an answer?
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    I am unfamiliar with the bootload error, but when my treo goes into an endless restart loop (seemingly every time it reboots), the only way I can get out of it is by hitting the home button when it has booted far enough to recognize it (before it starts connecting to service). That probably doesn't help you, though.
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