View Poll Results: Is the 650 with it's latest update stable enough to recommend buying yet?

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  • YES - The latest update has made the phone stable, or at least as stable as the 600.

    52 81.25%
  • NO - I loaded the update and am still having problems with calls, resets or other critical problems.

    8 12.50%
  • Neither - Too scared to buy a 650 - I'll stick with my 600 until they make it more stable.

    4 6.25%
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    I stopped by the P1 store in Phila Intl this week to finally check out the 650 and compare it to my 600. The screen was sweet, the keyboard had completely lost any feeling of crampness, and VGA or not I could not believe how much better pictures from the camera looked. I took a nice shot in the store on the 650 and then tried the same thing on my 600. I got a completely unviewable picture that was just a bunch of blue muck from the low lighting. So at this point I was feeling pretty left behind and blue. I checked out Amazon for prices on the 650 and read the user reviews. All but one was negative claiming dropped calls and numerous resets saying that the 600 was much more stable. The most current review said that the latest updater fixed most of the problems and that it now made the other reviews irrelevant. I browsed through this forum and found a lot posts about 650 instability vs the 600.

    I don't have much spare time these days to tool around with a new phone waiting for P1 to make it stable. So if the 600 is still much more stable, I'll keep waiting. So my question is that if you have a 650 with the latest update, would you recommend upgrading from the 600 yet or just keep waiting?
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    I thought it was stable enough before the update.

    So none of the poll options apply for me. My T650 has always been stable.
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    Depends. My T650 was always stable, but Bluetooth still has serious issues once you start using various devices. If you just use a headset, then the Treo 650 is just fine and I've never had issues.
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    Zero resets for me.
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    It all depends on how you approach this. If you go gung-ho and transfer all sorts of old apps and data files from some previous device, dont be surprised if your phone starts acting wiggy. If you approach it in a methodical, logical manner, your experience will be much more pleasant. Check out this thread I put together to see what I mean. It will save you a lot of aggravation and frustration.
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    This updater has been a miracle. It ain't perfect, but it ain't the disaster it was before either.
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    I thought the Treo 650 was stable enough to recommend before the update but after, I see just how buggy it was. I haven't had a single reset since. It's as stable as my 600 was, if not more.
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    Hmmm..... I'm more tempted now that I see the poll but I'm still a little nervous if iI start loading LightWa, Java and WebViewer.... kerplooie!

    I've waited long enough that I might just wait and see if the VZW 650 has EVDO and what it will be priced at.
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    The polls always have had an 80%/20% split even before the first patch came out.

    Nothing has changed in views for the most part since day 1.
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    You can get a Treo 600 for Cingular for $99 now. I think maybe it pays to be a mere 1 release behind everybody. I'm thinking now that I will wait until Fall to upgrade.
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    Fall is still several months away. Just try it for 14 days with only the 1.08 Sprint update installed, and you will probably see the true stability the 650 has. Search these forums for the most stable and useable applications, producing the least problems and your 650 will provide much happiness the majority of us Sprint owners have. As far as an EVDO Verizon, you'll wait even longer than the fall....that is my best bet.
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    I'm with the others here in favor of stability. I haven't had any dropped calls ever, and I haven't even had any soft resets that didn't happen as a result of trying some new 3rd party app out. If the apps are reliable and updated for the 650 by the developer then it's solid as a rock.

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    Not enough option sin yor poll. How about Yes, stable before the update, stable after.

    Perhaps for the best reflectionon stability issue look at this poll
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    If you want cingular or sprint, YES. if not, hold out. my friend went through 4 cingular models until he got one with I believe 1.05 Firmware and now its rock solid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C
    You can get a Treo 600 for Cingular for $99 now. I think maybe it pays to be a mere 1 release behind everybody.
    Depends. If the screen, keyboard, BlueTooth, or NVFS ( ) are dealmakers, then go 650. Personally, the screen is pretty, but the 600's was perfectly usable for me. BlueTooth, OTOH, has been a huge leap forward--headset, sync, GPS--all major extentsions of what one device can do.

    My single biggest stability improvement has been disabling ND&T; the 1.08 update was just "icing" compared to this.
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    I've only had my 650 5 days... but I haven't had any resets yet

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