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    I stopped by the P1 store in Phila Intl this week to finally check out the 650 and compare it to my 600. The screen was sweet, the keyboard had completely lost any feeling of crampness, and VGA or not I could not believe how much better pictures from the camera looked. I took a nice shot in the store on the 650 and then tried the same thing on my 600. I got a completely unviewable picture that was just a bunch of blue muck from the low lighting. So at this point I was feeling pretty left behind and blue. I checked out Amazon for prices on the 650 and read the user reviews. All but one was negative claiming dropped calls and numerous resets saying that the 600 was much more stable. The most current review said that the latest updater fixed most of the problems and that it now made the other reviews irrelevant. I browsed through this forum and found a lot posts about 650 instability vs the 600.

    I don't have much spare time these days to tool around with a new phone waiting for P1 to make it stable. So if the 600 is still much more stable, I'll keep waiting. So my question is that if you have a 650 with the latest update, would you recommend upgrading from the 600 yet or just keep waiting?
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    Trust me, with the new 1.08 firmware update... I haven't had any instability or reset for that matter.

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