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    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen (heard) a problem similar to mine.

    I've had my 650 for a little over a month (Cingular) and I've noticed something weird. Whenever the 650 gets near a system with an audio amplifier (such as a radio, speaker phone, stereo system, etc) I occationally hear a buzzing and popping sound on the speakers of that system (even when the volume on that system to very low.) The sound appears to occur whenever the 650 is transmitting (like when you dial, talk, use the web browser, etc...) The problem also will manifest itself as a visible distortion on a CRT display if the 650 is brought up close to the display.

    This appears to me that whenever it's transmitting, it's also generating fairly strong EM waves that aren't what I would normally expect from a GSM signal. I'm a little concerned that this might be dangerous (but hard to tell, since I don't truely know how strong the EM signal is, and what frequency it's at.)

    My wife also has a 650, and hers does not exibit this problem.

    And other than that, the 650 appears to function properly. Yes, it's weird. I haven't taken it back to the store yet. But I plan to. But I'm wondering how much resistance I'll encounter if I claim it's defective and ask for a new one under warranty. I would have thought other's might have seen this problem and that it's a class problem that Cingular would be forced to address. But I haven't seen any postings here or eleswhere on the net of other's experiencing this problem.


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    My Treo does this... but so have all my GSM phones, especially when connected to GPRS/internet. Even my original Motorola GSM handset would buzz the speaker on my landline phone just before ringing to announce an incoming call.

    The interference is quite noticable with the Treo when using the Bose headphones. If I am listening to music and sending email, and move the Treo close to the ear phones, I can hear the buzz. It's not a big deal, Treos are sending and receiving stuff all the time as they connect and disconnect from towers...
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    Thanks. I don't know why I couldn't find that discussion to begin with. Interference was a keyword in my search.

    I wonder why my wife's 650 does not exibit the problem. She doesn't have a data plan. That's the only difference I can think of.
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