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    Well, I just got my 650 and am ready to avail myself of the vast expertise here at TreoCentral which I have faithfully followed since the days of the 180. I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is an accessory where one end would plug into the MF slot and the other would have either an S-Video or RCA cable attachment. I want to be able to display powerpoint presentations and Quicktime movies on larger television screens. Is this even possible with the 650? Who would make such a thing?

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    Margi Presenter to Go

    If they have a driver for the T650 and if S-Video or composite is supported in any fashion.
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    See the post (should now be just above this one in T650 Hardware, re: making the T650 into an car-computer. I believe the post in there mentions the Margi Presenter, running about $130-150, but that thread will have all the details you're looking for. Good luck.
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    Thanks / Merci.

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