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    Okay everyone...

    Just to ask... This might be silly but sure makes me wonder!
    I have not upgraded to the new S/W patch due to 3 different people coming in and telling me there horror story about there keypad not working at all after downloading the new S/W...?!?!?!

    Is this true? Since I do work @ Sprint Retail and having to deal with people pissed off about there Treo 650 everyday, and here I am bragging about it everyday... How my memory issues were solved after purchasing Power RUN, and my 2gig SD card...

    If anyone can confirm this new S/W creating this "keypad error" problem let me know ASAP! This is frustrating to have customers come into the store telling me there handset is faulty, when I have had ONE problem with mine, and nothing with the keypad not working......


    - Jim
    Sprint Retail
    TSR- So.Cal (USA)
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    I haven't heard of this and experienced no problems with the update or my hardware/software.

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