I searched this site to see if anyone mentioned this problem, and did not find anything.

My Verizon Treo 600 started to have a problem two days ago, and I have not been able to solve it yet.

When I connect the charge cable to my Treo, the Treo shuts down and refuses to turn on again.

When I connect my Treo 600 using the original charge cable included with the Treo package, the Treo dies and I cannot turn it back on. A soft reset does not enable it to turn on. A hard reset does not enable it to turn on. (I have two of these cables, and the problem exists regardless of which one I connect, so I do not think the problem is as simple as a bad cable.)

A while ago I purchased two other charge cables from www.seidioonline.com:
a car charger (cigarette lighter charger) for Treo 600 (Part No. SPHSTR300T30) and also a charger for my home for Treo 600 (Part Number STHSTR300TC20 "Rapid Travel charger").

After the Treo dies (because I plugged in the original charge cable in Step 1 above), I plug in the Rapid Travel Charger and the Treo automatically turns on. All my data is gone, and I must set up the Treo (choose a language (English or Spanish), etc.) as a result of the hard reset. But the hard reset does not seem to have worked totally correctly, because the battery symbol in the upper right of the screen has a red X on it and shows that the battery is at 0%. That is an inaccurate display of information, because the phone can stay on for hours and hours after I unplug the Rapid Travel Charger. Therefore, the battery is not really at 0%. At this time, the Treo seems to be operating normally (other than the battery symbol), because I can use the Treo to make calls, receive calls, surf the web, and everything. But the Rapid Travel Charger is not charging the phone, I think, because the LED on the Treo is not red and there is no lightning bolt across the battery symbol.

I go to my car, and connect the Treo to the car charger. Now the Treo battery symbol is working correctly (it shows 73%), and the charging light is working properly.

The Treo dies if I connect it to the charge cable that came with the Treo! Something is wrong.
The Treo now charges properly only when I use the car charger.

What could cause this problem?
Has anyone else experienced this problem?