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    For those that have a digital camera that only accepts CompactFlash type I cards (like my Canon Digital Elph), I just ordered this PNY CF-SD adapter so that I can put an SD card into the camera and then put the SD card in the Treo to immediately see the pics. It's only $7.00 here:

    I have a 650, so I like to put photos on the SD card and show them off. This solution will let me use SD cards in my camera now and then view/email pictures immediately with the Treo.
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    Sweet! Awesome find 98gsr.

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    Wow, it's like you were reading my mind, very cool. Best thing I've read all day. Thanks.
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    Whoah! Cool. I've always wanted to be able to send pictures taken with my Dimage 7i over my Treo. Now I just have to remember to not use the 5mp resolution...
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    AcidImage lets you do a batch resize of pics. I haven't bought it yet, but may once our new baby girl comes along.

    I ordered the adapter yesterday so I haven't actually tried it, but from all the research I've done it should be fine:
    "The PNY SD-CF adapter allows users to quickly and easily use the SD card in any device that requires a CF card, making it truly plug and play operable."

    I'll report back when it gets here.
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    Let me know if AcidImage lives up the price.
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    I want one! That would be so cool ... I could email them right away!
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    The trial versions of AcidImage are fully-functional for 2 weeks I think. I'm using normal AcidImage ($30) trial version. I'm mainly interested in it's resizing function. Also, AcidImage has cool one-handed zooming functions. I don't think it will rotate pictures, but the built-in Camera app will rotate.

    If I didn't already have the SplashPhoto version bundled with SnapperMail I would probably buy AcidImage outright. SplashPhoto is very fast when jumping between images.
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    Just installed AcidImage. Something tells me I'm going to be thirty dollars poorer in 2 weeks. It's great.
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    Wow... I paid a lot more than $7 for my minolta sd-cf1 way back. That looks like a great deal.
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    Paying $7 for shipping is a bit steep. I'll have to buy some more stuff. :-)
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    That was my thought, couldn't find anything cheap that I wanted.

    Still, $14 is far better than the $50+ you'll pay for a Minolta SD-CF1.

    There are $30 CF Type 1 adapters out there, but the SD card sticks out beyond the normal dimensions of the card.

    Just ordered one.
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    I ordered 4 to cut down on the per adapter shipping.

    Don't know what I'm going to do with them, though... maybe just keep SD cards in them so I don't have to swap them out when using my camera. Plus, it's always good to have a backup.
    Units - Unit conversion for webOS!
    Treo 180->270->600->650->Blackberry Pearl->Palm Pre
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    I ordered two. And then started ordering some other stuff as I had a Amex gift card I needed to use. Nothing like completely useless purchases!
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    Yeah, I ordered a USB light for my laptop and some little battery case things that will let me use all my AA rechargeable batteries as C and D batteries:
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    This is such an awesome find! I had actually considered buying an SD camera just so I could view and send photos from my Treo. But now I can use both my digital CF cams with my Treo. And for cheap!

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    Ugh...out of stock.

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    That's a great little tool. My camera (fortunately) uses SD cards as well. No need for any adapters. YAY!
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    That site usually gets things back in stock after awhile, so keep an eye on it. Also, it looks like you can get it on Ebay or other stores for about $20-$25 including shipping.

    I was about to buy another digital camera with an SD slot also - so this will hold me over until I make the jump to another digicam.
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    If you're in the market for a small digicam, I finally settled on the Canon PowerShot A400. Great compromise of size, features and price. So far, just using the auto settings and not playing around with any manual settings, I love it. I shopped around until I got it for under $150. It's 3mp, though.
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