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    Cool. Great find. Let us know how well it works. Hopefully by then they'll have it back in stock.
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    Just as a quick message, I was using a Canon SD300 (4mp) and took the SD card out of the camera and put it in my Sprint T650. Tried to email the pic, and it took almost 20 min (and my Treo felt like a space-heater). Seemed to work, though somewhat slowly.
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    That's why I think you have to factor in the cost of AcidImage to any setup like this. It will shrink the pictures for you. Of course, it will make the resolution smaller and thus the picture of low quality, but at least you can email photos from the road.
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    I'll be curious to hear more about AcidImage. Those of you who have it ... please let us know the pros and cons when you can... thanks.
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    The only con I've found so far is that it's $30. Other than that, it will rotate and resize pics and is very quick at browsing them. It will also let you select several pics at once to resize. You can have it load the entire pic (ram permitting) so that you can zoom in to the pixel level. It has a great user interface also. I am looking at RescoViewer also. It is cheaper and is about the fastest app I've seen at drawing the pics, but it won't resize, which is the main thing I'm looking for.

    I would suggest downloading and installing it (standard version) as it's fully functional. I've had it for a little over 2 weeks and it's still running.
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    Does your SD card extend beyond end of CF card adapter edge???? So you can't close the cover on your digicam, right?


    Quote Originally Posted by metsfan
    Wow... I paid a lot more than $7 for my minolta sd-cf1 way back. That looks like a great deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by puyi
    Does your SD card extend beyond end of CF card adapter edge???? So you can't close the cover on your digicam, right?

    From the looks of the SD-CF1 and the PNY adapter, both of these manage to fit the card entirely within a Type 1 form factor, unlike another manufacturer whose name I can't remember. That manufacturer's products are a Type II card that holds the SD entirely within itself, and a Type I where the SD card sticks out.

    The Minolta SD-CF1 is $50, the "other" manufacturer's adapters run around $30. Cheaper but not as useful. These PNY adapters are a discontinued item that is on clearance. (PNY does not appear to make them any more.)
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    I only buy devices that use SD cards, so they are all interchangeable. My T650, laptop, digital camera, and digital video camera all use SD cards. Works great!
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    I use an olympus e5 model and you can take your pictures using the 5mp mode and then the camera will downsize it to another file anywhere from original all the way down to 320X240. if you want. That's the smallest you can downsize I believe.

    Only thing that sucks is that after a day of shooting, to do it through the camera means one by one.

    Unfortunately they chose to use cflash, xd and smartmedia in the camera, no sd here....i'm looking into the cf->sd adaptor myself.
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    I just got the PNY ones, and the SD card fits completely in it, just like the Minolta SD-CF1. They seem pretty good. Haven't actually put them in a camera yet, though.
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    Another AI feature - when resizing, it will save to another file by default (to preserve the original).
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    I got the adapter, and it works as advertised.
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    Sweet. I should have mine soon.
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    Got the adapter, no chance to test it, I left my camera's charger with the battery in it at my aunt's house on Easter.
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    I'm still waiting for it to come back in stock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98GSR
    I got the adapter, and it works as advertised.
    Ditto -- sweet find dude.

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    Mine works as advertised. See link:
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    I'm really glad I found this thread after another poster mentioned it. I downloaded AcidImage, and this is the perfect program I've been looking for to reduce image file size. Fantastic! I've been shooting with my pocket Canon SD300 digital camera at large jpeg setting that produces 2mb+ files, and it was a hassle having to first switch to a lower resolution setting prior to shooting in camera. Now I can simply shoot at large jpeg setting, and swap out the SD card into my Treo, and now use AcidImage to reduce the file size prior to emailing. This is really great!!

    One question now, should I get the Pro version of AcidImage? Is the FAX feature really all that useful? Is this the only thing different about the Pro version? What do others think? Thanks, Casey.
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