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    I just got my ioGear bluetooth headset.
    It's charging and I have not used it yet. First impressions:
    It's small and light. A little smaller/lighter than the Cardo Scala 500

    I've posted some pictures that I took from my Treo camera. The pictures kind of suck, so I appologize, but there are posted here nontheless. They speak for themselves.
    I'll post in a day or two when I've had a chance to use it.

    Update 4-15:
    The headset is fully charged and I've done some initial playing around with it.
    Folks, this is the same headset as the Cardo Scala 500. Well not exactly, but I'm convinced that the inside electronics are made by the same company.
    -Operation of both headsets is idenical, although all bluetooth headsets are pretty much the same in operation.
    -Both take 5 seconds to begin ringing.
    -Both have ringers that escalate in volume
    -The tones (beeps etc.) on both of them are identical except the ring tone is slightly different. But the way it rings is identical. Give me the Pepsi challenge and I wouldn't be able to tell you which one was on my ear from the beeps alone.
    -Leds, flashing, indications in modes, etc. are all identical.
    -Loudness/volume is similar.

    What's different?
    -IoGear is slightly smaller and lighter.
    -IoGear fits snugly in the ear (almost don't need the ear loop.) The Cardo has a large speaker that rests in the ear, but not down in the ear.
    What do I prefer? I couldn't tell you, both are very comfortable in their own way. I alost lean toward the Cardo Scala's way as it doesn't pick up nasty ear wax.

    -IoGear's speaker tone is much lower (more bassy.) The Cardo lacks the bass but is more loud in the higher frequencies.
    The end result is that you can (and need to) turn up the volume much louder on the IoGear and not make yourself deaf as it's a bass tone. It also masks any higher pitch static which is still there, but you can't hear it because the speaker doesn't have higher fequency response. The Cardo scala reproduces mid range voice tones at lower volumes, but if you're in a noisy surround it's hard to turn it way up without going deaf.
    -By the way, both have identical loudness if you disregard the frequency response of the different speakers
    -IoGear has a 'normal' ring. The Cardo has that annoying "My country tis of the" tone (WTF?)
    -Later I'll have my wife tell me which one sounds better for the call recipient's end.

    Jury is still out, but expect identical performance to the Cardo Scala 500.

    If I had to chose one or the other, I can't tell you which I would chose at this point. But if you're going to buy an inexpensive one today. 6 of one, half dozen of the other in minor physical differences, accessories, and chargers. I'll get to all of that later.
    Bottom line is that so far it's a good cheap headset just like the Cardo Scala 500.
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    This headset is officially crap.
    I left myself several voicemails using the Cardo Scala 500, this IOGear, and the built in treo mic for comparison.
    The audio from the IoGear (Mic) is awful! There is bad distortion as well as an electonic hum (like RF interference.) Just to be sure I did a bunch more test and it sounds terrible (on the other end) in every test. Ironically, the speaker earpice audio is better than the Cardo Scala but the mic/transmit audio is completely unacceptable on the IOGear.
    Don't waste any more time or money considering this product.
    On the other hand the Cardo Scala 500 mic/transmit sound quality is great. My wife thinks it even sounds better than when I use the Treo built in mic, especially in the car where there is a lot of noise (the Cardo is better at blocking background sound.)
    Additionally I placed a call to my wife and asked her how I sound (with the IOGear.) She says that every time I speak there's an electical hum over my voice and it doesn't sound good at all.
    My take is that if you're going to get a cheaper headset, stick with the Scala 500 ($40) and not the IOGear ($30.) Only $10 more and there's a big difference.

    It's so bad it's simply not usable. I'm actually going to try to return it. I didn't expect anything special, but it simply sucks (or I have a defective one.)

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    IO headset in hand, easy to pair with the Treo 650, Ive used it a few times, talked to folks who I had used my other headset (Logitech bluetooth), they said it sounds equally as good, no problems so far, hoooooorrrrraaay!!!
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    got it, using it, it compares well with the logitech bluetooth headset I have already, a bit less comfortable in the ear, but stays in place better then the logitech...both seem to have similar sound levels both output and input (per discussions with those I have called), I havent tried either outside in the wind yet...
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    You're kidding me, the one I have is terrible to the person on the other end. They say there's a buzzing sound over my voice.
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    Okay 1 for and 1 against. I'm scared to try it now. LoL

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    well, it came, I tested it for a week or so, and am not as happy with it as my Logitech. It is not as loud, takes longer to connect, and needs to be resynched every time I use the logitech. The logitech is louder, doesnt seem to need to be resynched/resdiscovered just because I use the IOGear.
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    heyknee2, which logitech bluetooth do you have? Is it the Logitech Mobile Freedom Headset?

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    yep,its the mobile freedom and I am now officially unhappy with the IO gear and happy with the logitech.

    TECHPRINCESS, if you are still looking, dont look at the IO gear, taylorH is correct...i am also having a problem, if i use the logitech then switch to the iogear, i have to reestablish the connection, no problem in the other direction,what a hastle.

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    Wow, thanks for the headsup... My SE 660 quality seems to be getting worse as people are now asking me to repeat myself over and over more often now. I dunno what it is. I am leaning towards the form factor of the Plantronics 2500... I wonder if it has gotten better since the Sprint firmware update? I havent seen any posts on it since the update patch was released.

    Sprint PCS user since 1999

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    Do I count as a Palm addict if I still have my original Palm IIIC?
    Praise is what I do...
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    I just got the Logitech Mobile Pro headset 3 days ago:
    I have to say this is so far my favorite headset, I have no complaints. I think the pitch of the microphone lacks a little bass that the Treo's mic and the cardo scala's mic picks up (in other words it picks up more of the mid range of your voice only) I'd have to say in general the quality in every aspect is great. I have 0 complaints.
    If I had to chose between the cardo scala 500 and the logitech, I'd pick the logitech. But both are excellent. The cardo is smaller, but I like the ear clip style of the Logitech and how the boom comes close to the mouth.

    But again, the IOGear is terrible.
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