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    any motorcyclists out there? i want to mount my treo on the handlebar of my motorcycle and eventually get a GPS unit for it. does anyone have a good solution? i've looked at some of the holsters but i keep getting flashes of my treo bouncing down the highway at 70mph.

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    I keep my 650 in my windshield bag. You can get a GPS for $100 these days and I'd feel a lot better about that bouncing down the road than my Treo

    I'm wondering if the vibration from being hard mounted to the handlebar might be bad for the Treo as well?
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    The only system that I'd trust is the R-A-M Mounting System. Look at You'll need one of the bar mounts, an arm and probably the side-grip PDA mount. I have a setup for my Garmin StreetPilot III on my bike and it's rock-solid.
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    I agree R-A-M mounts are the only way to go...
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