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    any motorcyclists or bicyclists out there? i want to mount my treo on the handlebar of my motorcycle. does anyone have a good solution? i've looked at some of the holsters but i keep getting flashes of my treo bouncing down the highway at 70mph.

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    don't know of handle bar mounts - but...

    Do you just want it along for the ride? - I put mine inside pocket of my jacket -
    Do you want it visible? You could put it in a tank bag (or similar) that has a clear map case on top - slip it in the map case. - then you can glance down at and probably even use it through the plastic - not sure why you would want to other than to see if someone called.

    Bicycling - carry it in a hip sack ( fanny pack for some of you :-) )
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    ah a motorcycling related thread!
    BTW... has anyone tried using a bluetooth headset inside of a helmet? Can you figure out what the other end is saying at that speed, also can they hear you clearly?

    Keeping the treo anywhere other than a zipped up pocket while motorcycling seems a little dangerous; it may fall and break, worse if it flies off and hits someone's windshield!!

    - Sid Vajirkar
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    well, actually, i was hoping to use it for gps at some point, but primarily to play mp3s. obviously, there are other alternatives for both, but it'd be cool if i could use my magical convergient gizmo to do it. plus, and i realize this is probably a horrible idea, but i could take calls too. maybe just on the bicycle

    oh yeah, and it has a clock too.
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    Actually..while looking at the Cardo website for the Scala.. I noticed they have a Bluetooth headset specifically for Motorcycles:
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    I think the vibration of a handlebar mount would probably kill your Treo! Better to keep it in an inside jacket pocket.
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