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    That's kind of weird and annoying, don't you think. It always goes right to the end of my contacts. Actually I'd like it just to revert right back to where I was in the alphabet where I deleted. It would be very difficult to delete a row of contacts for the same person, last name, etc. -- or in the same category.
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    Yep, I've got that problem...

    And another one as well. If I am looking at a contact near the end of my alphabetical list, and then try to scroll down to the end of the list -- it takes me instantly back to the beginning (A's). Since I use Takephone most of the time, I'm able to work around this glitch.
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    Mine does the end of contact thing as well. No biggie.
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    yep. i was just thinking the exact same thing this morning. this is super annoying.
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    Does it to me too.
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    Does it for me too and must for us all.

    I noticed if you delete the bottom most entry it sends you to the top and vice-versa.

    I've found it's just easier to use desktop tools if you have to remove multiple records.

    Not a big deal, but annoying for sure.
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    I think we've reached consensus ;-)
    Any Contact managing Add-on will work around this. I use Agendus and haven't noticed this glitch there. There are others, but that's been talked to death ;D
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    This is one of those "was not like this in the T600" matters.

    In the T600 you delete something at the top and don't get sent to the end.

    Anyone have any ideas why it works like this in the T650?
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    Yup, someone at PalmOne decided to trash the apps on the T600 in favor of using the junk on the Tungsten W. I thought I was free of the bugs on the W until I started using the T650. This is a big deal. The contacts app on the T600 was 100% better; same with Versamail. It's so bad, I'm looking into Snapper, but I'm worried about having enough memory to use it!

    Funny how those of us who've been using the Palm Pilot since 1996--the most loyal customers--but the users with largest contact lists and 9-year old appointment calendars--are the ones who were most screwed by PalmOne's software and memory decisions.

    Most interesting question: What were they thinking?

    Most important question: Have they learned their lesson?
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    Well Versamail didn't come with any prior Treo model. So I guess from that perspective the question is would it have been better for them to not bundle any e-mail app at all? I've been on Snapper for so long I didn't have a reason to even consider Versamail, so I can't comment on its functionality. I just took one look at it day 1 and said "I'll stick with Snapper". (Maybe they would have done better to try and bundle that old Free Eudora Mail app. It worked.)

    The delete issues on contacts is a nag, but at the same time this contacts app has features that were not part of the T600. Like having a "Home, Work, Other" option for contact's address information. I do like that. More custom fields and birthday reminders too. Also cool.

    I miss the "Float/Done" calendar options. But the color coding for categorizing appointments and the Location feature are a big plus.

    More gains that losses to me.

    The only P1 change that really ticks me off big time is the sorry power/sync connector. Its just plain inferior to the old Treo connectors. Now on that I wonder "what were they thinking"... I am 100% sure there are people working in P1 that say "this connector is terrible". Playing jiggle the plug just to get power is no fun.

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