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    Quote Originally Posted by sping
    If you are on AT&T are you on Cingular now? Because if you are, you can try out Cingular's Xpressmail.
    It's a push email solution. I have the same service on my sprint Treo650 (Sprint's similar service is Business Connection) and it's working very well.
    Though one big difference between these two is that Xpressmail puts a nasty little siganture on all e-mail you send, so folks can tell you sent it from your phone. Sprint's BC doesn't do that, which is a major benefit for some people.
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    As long as you can surf the web with a browser from your office desktop, you should be fine with XpressMail. It will tunnel through the firewall using a proxy just as your browser does. If your company firewall does stateful packet inspection (SPI) then there may be an issue. In these cases, the firewall can detect the difference between browser traffic (web pages, etc.) and the packets something like XpressMail sends out.

    One note of caution, depending on your company's information security policy you might not want to advertise that you are going to be running something that will forward your mail through the firewall. Some companies are pretty touchy about this. If this is an issue, I definitely would not go asking your IT guys about SPI firewalls. You're better off just trialing XpressMail and see if it will work.
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    Note, the XpressMail option has several problems:

    1. it won't let you assign your own tag line
    2. it assigns an annoying tagline like "A cingular wireless product"
    3. The mail client that installs on the Treo is quite feeble compared to other products and it doesn't integrate well with other parts of the DB. For instance, when sending an e-mail and I want to select a contact from the contact DB, it presents a very weak search interface (can't search by company, etc.) that is extremely slow.

    I've been using it for a couple of months and have been looking for a replacement.

    Still looking...
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    While xpress mail is great as a free product it has one severe problem. You must be logged in on the client computer. If you are like me and take your laptop with you, You are out of luck.

    An even bigger problem is that while express mail allowes a buddy system. To access your email through a coworkers computer. That coworker must also sign up for express mail. Which means he must be a cingular customer and have a data account.

    Am I correct?

    Also, we use Citrix to access our network from outside. Is there anything out there that will work with it to allow syncronization with the treo?
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