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    I have tried the IOgear($29 shipped), Scala 500($49 shipped) and the PalmOne Treo($47 shipped) headsets. I have had similar results with all three. At times each was perfectly clear on both ends of the conversation and at others down right horrible. Even when standing in the same location with the phone in the same spot, I received varying results from all three.

    I can only conclude that the difficulty in getting consistent performance is a failing of Bluetooth and/or the Bluetooth implementation on the 650. I have an RF receiver and RF remote contros for my home theater and a wireless router running in the house and at work. Could these be partly/totally the cause of the inconsistent performance from all three headsets?

    All that said, I think I will be keeping the PalmOne headset, mostly because it uses the same charger as the phone, is comfortable for me, and has the mic hole in a location that doesn't rub against my beard when I talk.

    Finally, is there a head set that doesn't have an annoying flashing light that is visible to everyone around you?
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