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    Whew, I think I've got a serious problem with my Treo600 (Sprint CDMA). Without going into a long story about the issues I've had lately I just wonder if anyone knows how I can restore the data on my Treo without all the apps installed?

    The only way I can get my Treo to not constantly reboot is if I do a hard reset (even did a battery reset) and NOT resync my data. I can do a warm reset after resyncing, but then it starts rebooting over and over again. I'm guessing some application is corrupted (Verichat or Causerie is what was last installed), but how can I remove the corrupted program and save all of my data? I can't even try to delete any program without the damn thing crashing and rebooting.
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    Although I don't have the solution to your problem, I just wanted to say that Chatter caused my Treo 600 (Tmobile) to reset when I used the Find feature. I read that resets can be caused by 3rd party apps that use databases.

    I'm glad to say that after I deleted Chatter, I'm able to use Find without the Treo resetting now.

    You have to somehow remove Verichat and/or Causerie to see if they are the culprit that is rendering your Treo 600 useless.

    I'm not exactly sure how the Hot Syncs work, but there is a "backup" directory in your Palm directory that will reload apps and other files that you've previously Hot Synced. Sometimes you don't get every app, but you get most apps.
    Go into the "backup" directory and remove Verichat and Causerie (create a backup first) installation files. The idea is to prevent Hot Sync from reinstalling those apps.

    Do a hard reset, and do a Hot Sync. With some luck, those two apps won't be reinstalled.

    Hopefully something like what I've described can help you. Anyone else have more specific instructions to do this?
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    Thanks chungmike! That helped a lot. I found the backup directory on my PC, deleted the suspected bad progs (Causerie) from there, re-synced and it's working again! Saved me a lot more stressing out.

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