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    Coming from Medscape on Sept. 21st

    A free download for the Palm OS gives you:
    Tarascon ePharmacopoeia 2000 - the electronic version of the #1-selling drug reference
    Medscape Reader - for quick scanning of condensed Medscape Conference Summaries and articles
    Medical Calculator - more than 30 formulas for common clinical equations
    Medscape Mobile is the newest handheld solution from Medscape -- and it's just the first offering in a suite of new clinical applications designed for mobile handheld devices. Medscape Mobile puts clinical references in the palm of your hand, and it is entirely free to use.

    Register and be notified,

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    Good link. On a related note, did anyone receive a note from Epocrates stating that they would be updating the EpocratesRx software? I seem to remember that I got an email that said the software would be updated to include MOA, price, etc. Or maybe I was post-call and hallucinating?

    -No news at the Epocrates web site-
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    Charo, thanks for the tip! I forwarded the site to my coworkers with Visor/Palm, too.

    drturay, I don't remember getting the e-mail from ePocrates, but that would be nice. I have both ePocrates and Lexidrug because I've found errors in both. Lexidrug has more info(MOA, pharmacokinetics info, tx for overdose etc.)that I need as a pharmacist. However, ePocrates has newer drugs since it updates constantly, and I like ePocrates' simpler interface better. Right now I use Lexidrug mainly but if ePocrates adds more info, that may change.
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    I am registered and have ePocrates installed. Haven't received a update notice.
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    The Tarascon ePharmacopoeia 2000 download is available now.

    Which is better and why, ePharmacopoeia or ePocrates?

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    I just received an email from Epocrates stating that the update, Epocrates 4.0, will be released in late October. Just thought everyone would like to know before purchasing the Pharmacopoeia.

    -Just looked at the website for the Pharmacopoeia and it's actually free!-

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    Which is better and why, ePharmacopoeia or ePocrates?

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    There was an e-mail from epocrates about adding MOA, cost, etc. They had stated in their e-mails that they would be releasing the new version as of september 1st. I guess they are running behind. The e-mail was sent some time in June or July.

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    I've been trying the Pharmacopoeia, and while I haven't spent that much time with it, I find it to be very useful. Well, as useful as my Epocrates is. Overall, it's not enough to turn me from the Epocrates database. If someone is starting fresh with a pharm database, it is definitely in the running, simply because it has more features. Once Epocrates updates, if most of these features are matched, Tarascon will lose out. Of course, most of my bias is based on the fact that I can find things much quicker with Epocrates which is probably secondary to familiarity. One really cool thing about the Pharm, even though it can't be used yet, is the eventual ability to print out Rx's on computer. I hope they include this in Epocrates version or I may eventually switch. Anyone else have any comments or things that I may be missing?
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    What do people think of Apothecary with Lexi-drugs?
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    Use Apothecary and Lexidrugs as an FP. Both are good, and have fast interfaces to look up drugs. I see tons of geriatrics patents and looking up drug interactions is a breeze. Bad part of the programs is the slow (or no) updates that you get. Partially made up for by the fact that you can enter notes on each drug.
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    Apothecarium/Lexidrugs/5MCC is the hands-down winner!

    Outline form, easy searching, cross-referencing, updated.

    Try the others first to see for yourself, comparing ten same-drug lookups. Drug interaction search is outstanding...there is nothing else like Apothecarium.

    This is the practice standard here for practitioners using PDAs.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    I've been beta-testing epocrates 4.0 for the last week. It does have the pricing information which is obtained from (this gives you a pretty good estimate on 1 month supply) It does also list a quick blurb, usually just a sentence, on Mech of Action in the "other info" category. The final option is for checking drug interactions between multiple meds. Simply select the various meds and the program checks for interactions. Overall the additions are a nice improvement without taking up much more memory.

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