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    For anyone cautious about making the 1.08 hyperleap, I thought I would post a couple of thoughts from my critical mind on the 1.08 topic in general. Let me start by saying I am very grateful for Shadowmite's efforts -- while dismayed at the lack of action by our illustrious supplier (Palm One). This is not meant to be a P1 bash, so let's move on...

    First, I had Shadowmite's 1.03 ROM installed and was marginally happy. It successfully eliminated my primary concern (BT Mute issue), but created a couple of other issues that weren't completely satisfactory. For example, the BT Mute issue was solved, but the overall sound quality was degraded. BT operation was inconsistent, and there were MAJOR dialing delays.

    Like many here, I was anxious to see what improvements Palm One/Sprint would make in their attempt at an update to the ROM. Just to be safe, I thought I should revert back to the original ROM per Shadowmite's instructions. WOW. I was nervous, but this was a BREEZE. Shadowmite does a wonderful job of laying things out. So now that I'm back to the original SPCS ROM, I'm ready to make the leap to the P1 "upgrade".

    Unfortunately, part way through the upgrade I realized that I was unable to complete it due to one major flaw -- charger was at HOME. Oops. Even though I had a full battery, the upgrade would not continue until I plugged in the charger. One more hard reset. Thought back to my original Shadowmite upgrade and remembered that he didn't require having the unit plugged in. Then I remembered seeing that Shadowmite's latest set of ROMs said 1.08, not 1.03. Could it be? What the heck, I'm already hard resetting...

    I installed Shadowmite's Rom1. I followed his directions to the T (where the heck does that come from?). I can't say this any other way. THIS WAS AMAZINGLY EASY. I completed the process by doing a normal HotSync (I don't have all the fancy "back up" programs, etc. - I just don't have that many different titles on my 650). ALL my data was restored. ALL my programs were restored (ok, a couple of things needed to be re-tweeked, but for the most part...). Better yet, I now can report:

    1) A major memory increase. I went from 11mb free to nearly 16mb! Since I don't have a gagillion programs, I can probably fit everything I need into RAM now. REVIEW - Major thumbs up.

    2) Significantly improved sound quality. The BT Mute issue was solved (thanks to Shadowmite's ROM), but I didn't get the same degraded sound quality that I got on Shadowmite's last ROM update. BT sound quality is significantly better, and is now quite acceptable. Ah, this is why I spent $600.

    3) My HS850 is working better!! Believe it or not, this ROM is making my BT headset work better (and different!). I was originally dissapointed in the 850 because it wasn't very intuitive with how to answer calls, go from BT to earpiece, etc. But now, the headset connects faster. It connects on 1 button press -- ALL THE TIME. A double button press doesn't turn on BT and leave it on for a few seconds. It simply beeps to tell you it knows you're alive, then you do one simple press once you've found the number you need. Maybe that sounds confusing, but I think this ROM works with the headset better - and I'm happy!

    4) Dialing is faster. Hold on, before you start getting all excited, it's certainly not acceptable. It certainly gets worse as the cache (or whatever gets erased when you update Vision) startes to fill up. But it IS better.

    In all, I am completely glowing over this ROM update. I selected Rom1 because I needed to keep BC for my push email from work. As a result, I can only offer this narrow minded review for only one of Shadowmite's ROMs. But if the others are anything like this one -- you should definitely do it. It's easy to do, it improves your device, and it will make you smile

    Now if I could only get a Treo built with a more sturdy plastic (like the Blackberrys). Ok, maybe I couldn't handle it...
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    Actually the BT mute issue is solved due to the palmone 1.08 patch.. There is no original programming in the shadowmite roms. Just customization of which apps are in rom.

    Keep in mind the old shadow mite rom was just the leaked test sound patch rom. Leaked here by use faisal in this thread...

    to a few users (me and others) shadowmite figured how to hack into this rom to (as I said earlier) customize which apps you want in rom using his custom rom tool. Shadowmite did not engineer the audio/BT patches in ANY of the roms. This was done by palmone.

    The memory increase is not due to shadowmite but once again, palmone. The 1.08 update changed the way memory is handled...

    "The update improves the memory management by reducing the overhead of storing database records in the file system. It does so by compacting more than one record into a single 512 byte block. In effect, each 512 block is divided into 16 32 byte subblocks, which allows small and large records to be stored more efficiently."


    the shadowmite custom roms on his site...

    are all derived from the sprint 1.08 updater

    "THESE ROMS ALL REPORT AS 1.03, BUT THEY ARE 1.08" (from

    So to sum up and give credit where credit is due...

    shadowmite provided a wonderful service by providing a way for us to customize which apps are and are not in ROM

    shadowmite did NOT engineer any of the memory, sound quality or bluetool fixes in his custom roms.

    his custom roms for 1.03 (before recent sprint update) included a leaked audio fix shared on these forums by user faisal.

    current custom roms are derived 1.08 from the posted P1 link once again with NO 3rd party engineered fixes.

    look here for accurate discussion...
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    Good points Dutch. I'm certainly willing to give P1/Sprint credit on developing a better sound patch than the initial one, and dealing with some of the memory efficiency. I guess I was writing to let everyone know that the Shadowmite patches had 1.08, worked very well, and for me were an easier upgrade process. Additional credit to Shadowmite for allowing us to pick a ROM that fit our needs better than the manufacturer.

    I'm on the shadowmite forum too, but I generally use this one for most of my Treo information, which is why I posted it here. Now if we could only get them [P1] to allow us to use voice dialing via BT...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitmoni
    Now if we could only get them [P1] to allow us to use voice dialing via BT...
    I personally believe that this is VoiceSignal's fault.
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    Possibly, but I've consistently heard that it's a hardware issue. I seem to recall that the VoiceSignal software I had installed actually said it supported voice dialing (with a service provider disclaimer), which made many of us excited about the possibility.

    Still - I believe in "one throat to choak" customer service, so I lay that on P1. As I do problems with Handango, ROM updates, etc...

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