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    Ordered two T650s from Cingular. One for myself and one for my wife. We've had it for 3 weeks now and noticed that we've had a large number of dropped calls. She's had a lot more than me. For her, almost every other call gets dropped. Cust Service says that we're in a good service area so it must be the phone.

    Today, I switched the SIM on our phones. If the problem was with her phone then I should get more dropped calls than her. But it was still the same and her calls still kept dropping.

    Anybody have the same experience in the NY/NJ area? I did a search first before asking and could not find a thread that discussed this problem.

    Would appreciate any advice. We're close to returning the phone and cancelling the service. But we're afraid we might lose our phone numbers.
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    Perhaps she holds the phone a bit harder than you against her cheek and is somehow activating the screen or keys ? I had hung up once or twice on people by doing that. Since switching to a BT headset, it hasn't happened.
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    I have been experiencing the same exact thing with my Treo 650 here in Long Island. Now, I am not too sure about this, but alot of what I have been reading indicates that neither the phone nor the SIM have anything to do with it is more that the Cingular network here in NY is still sharing T-Mobile's network, and that between the T-Mobile network and the newly acquired ATTWS network, every time the signal gets handed off from one to another the call you happen to be on at the moment will suddenly and quickly be cut off. This is not going to go away anytime soon. Until Cingular cuts their roaming agreement with T-Mobile in NY completely, and fully integrates and utilizes the ATTWS network, there are going to be network hand off problems, and network congestion. It has gotten alot betteer over the past two months or so, but from what I am reading it is somewhat unclear as to exactly when the full Cingular/ATTWS integration is going to be complete, and until then, they are not going to cut their roaming with T-Mobile. The The ONLY way to fix this, for now, is to try to get Cingular to send an OTA message to your SIM, programming it to fix onto the ATTWS blue network before the new Cingular Orange network. I have read that some have had this successfully done. This way, the hand off to T-Mobile is moved down in priority and won't occur nearly as much.

    I hope this helps you. I am in the same boat you are, trying to figure out the best way to deal with it.
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    Out here in Suffolk County (Eastern LI) I have had only one or two dropped call in 8 + weeks of use.

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    I've been searching for a thread on this subject. I have had about a third of all my calls dropped during the middle of a call. I started to think that it was head hitting the hang up touchscreen button, so I disabled the touchscreen. It still has the same problem. Hope they fix this soon.
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    I switched from verizon to Cingular in NJ. I've had ZERO dropped calls. Then again, I haven't been in any subways or tunnels with the Treo yet.
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    Not a single dropped call with my Treo 650 in NY/NJ, but I'm on Sprint.

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