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    before i get the motorola hs850, can bt listen to audio output that isnt a phone call? Im afraid the "answer and hang up" part means it wont let me listen to audio from various programs that arent phone calls...randy
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    only phone calls at this point. Treo 650 has bluetooth version 1.1
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    Depends on if you are using a 600 or 650. If you have a 600 and you have your bt headset, you can go with the Jabra A210 bt adapter + Freedom to listen to movies (i.e. Kinoma or MMPlayer) and mp3's and audiobooks. (It's bt ver. 1.2)
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    thats simply awful--my choices are:
    a) low-res movies with bt on the 600
    b) hi-res silent movies (you cant hear them in a noisy setting like a bar or airport) on the 650

    i was all happy about the 650 lately (1.08!) until i discovered this!
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    You can use the A210 on the 650 as well... I have for several months.

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