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    I only use the GPRS for IM in Verichat anyway...
    I reinstalled Agile to supplement because Agile Messenger has a built in KB counter...go figure, and V|C doesn't.
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    i am not using any program
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    Quote Originally Posted by jkt6
    i am not using any program
    Than what, if I may ask DO YOU CALL .PRC FILES?
    Applets? Plug-ins? Modules?
    I am now muttering numerous curse words in various languages that are thoroughly unfit for this forum.

    -J.G. Bauer
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    That was unnecessary.

    I think he was responding the call log question. I get total too, through the default phone program, but it might be a verizon wireless thing. It only calculates since the last reset though, so it's not the best.

    Verizon also will send you a free SMS message with your data totals if you dial #data or something of that nature. I would check with your service provider.
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    Trafficstats works perfectly for me too
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    i am trying to help............................. i am just saying its probably a verizon or cdma thing
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    find a way yet?
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