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    Quote Originally Posted by disenchanted
    ive got a new/silver housing on the way to replace the gaudy cingular one. Are the cases exactly the same in regards to screw placement and the general removal of the case compared to the 600? I found the directions on how to remove the housing on the 600 HERE

    Im wondering if it is any different and if anyone has actually done this on their 650 and can give a list of the tools they used. Especially which torx driver to use.
    Yeah ive done it before with my treo 600, i bought the t6 screw from lowes for 1.50. it took me a while before i opened it up, im guessing its the same thing with the 650. I did this on a motorola and i eventually ended up tossing it. hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada
    I know what you mean. There was no way I was buying that funky blue-colored Sprint Treo 650. So I dropped Sprint and bought an unlocked GSM Treo 650 in the fetching chrome and silver casing!

    Hey! I love my "funky-blue" colored Sprint Treo. Of course, blue is my favorite color.

    Hey Palm One . . . .. are you listening? . . . changeable skins on the Treo 700!

    Cheers, Perry
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    Quote Originally Posted by xjetx
    how you doin guys, just came back from hongkong and i happen to come across a treo 650 housing. complete three sets - face,back and battery cover, I got a blue one and a gray one. none of the says cingular or sprint. it just says treo .. I will have one custom painted royal blue to match my evo, if any of you want the other one ( gray ) let me know and make me an offer.. cheers

    I just sent you a PM.
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