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    I have searched for info on this subject and I have come up short.

    I installed the treo software on my pc and ran the active sync. Active Sync moved my Outlook calender over but none of my contacts and there does not seem to be any email functionality.

    I use Outlook 2003 Business Contact Manager, pop3 no exchange server...

    I assumed there was a way to setup mail options into the Treo directly but I can't figure out how.

    I'm sure this is a treo 101 question but I am honestly stumped.
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    On the Treo, open the program called "Mail." If I'm not mistaken it will take you through a setup routine when you run it the first time.
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    If you're on Verizon it doesn't come with a pre-installed mail software. You have to install Verizons special software on your PC and treo as I recall. I hae a Mac so bought Snappermail.

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