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    Does anyone have any experience with the Rhinoskin hard case for the 650?
    It appears to be very similar to the Innopocket. Compusa does carry it at their stores.
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    The Rhino case for 650 is brand spankin new. I decided I HAD to have a hard case a week before it was released and bought the Treo 600 Rhino case (no clear plastic on front, completely enclosed) at Comp USA. Then just took a rat tail file to the side and bottom holes to make them fit the slight changes of the 650. I also drilled a hole in the bottom for the microphone.
    With my job, I'm afraid that the clear plastic on the new 650 case or the Innopocket case would be scratched all to hell or would come out.

    Oh yeah, just the other day, I decided to make the earpiece hole a little bigger with my file too.
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    Does anyone know the release date on the new magnesium hard case?
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    I asked them and got the reply : in the coming months.....
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    I like how they advertise it as the Treo 650 Rhino case, but the picture has a 600 in it...
    --> Me fail english? That's unpossible!! <--
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    can someone explain the difference between the magnesium case and the other innopocket cases, other than the the black finish?

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    Magnesium is lighter I believe.

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