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    I want HWR for my Treo 600 but I don't want Graffiti-like-solutions,
    i.e. special languages, special strokes, etc.

    I want something that watches what I write, attempts to match
    it, perhaps does dictionary lookup to eliminate false duplicates,
    and gradually gets better over time.

    It should be able to recognize script, not just separated letters.

    In other words I want something much better than what was on
    Apple Newton years ago. After all, there's been several years
    since that technology has been available and the Treo 600 is
    faster, so it should be possible.

    I've looked at everything out there that I can find and see nothing.

    Anyone want to comment about HWR for the Treo 600?

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    Let me know when you fiind it! :-)

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    Since we're on it, I would like a box that you can get into. Inside are dials with numbers on. You change the numbers to the date you want then press a big red button. The box then travels to that date with you inside it.
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    Decuma is pretty good but it requires a hi-res screen.

    Although with a little practice on the keyboard, no HWR system will beat your typing speeds.

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