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    Quote Originally Posted by neilweinrib
    I've both latest version of Agendus and treo alarm. Both are claimed to update weather automatically but neither does for me automatically. Although they do manually for me.

    Can somebody help me with that please ?
    One of the TreoAlarm versions had a problem with automatic weather updates. Please try latest version of TreoAlarm (0.99b).
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    I don't think 4Cast updates in the background or pops to update. It gets updated only when the application is loaded. That is no real auto-update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwman
    That's all I need'd you get so close to Neil's Kit on stage? I went to all the venues in my area when the guys were here last year, got a real close shot of Alex during Working Man, it was cool, like third row center....btw, I play DW Collector's Series Red Sparkle

    Later dude
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