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    My brother and I both are having problems with the Mic's on our Treo's when we put them on speakerphones. People say they can't hear me when I put them on speakerphone, but can hear just fine when it's on handset. Any ideas?
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    Service provider, T600 hardware revision, anything you can give us ?
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    It's an echo that only the other person can hear, and it's bad enough that EVERYONE I talk to asks to be taken off speakerphone. I tried 8 replacement units, EVERY ONE of them had the speaker phone issue
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    I'm with T-Mobile, working off of Version 1.12INT (from T-Mobile's site). So, this is a known issue, huh?

    Is there another hardware revision I'm not aware of? PalmOne doesn't list any revisions for T-Mobile Treos, unfortunately.
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