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    Anyone knows if this is any good? - This is the only site I found that sells these too. Wondering how strong/strudy the case is and if the clip can be removed. btw, they have it in blue as well. See for more.
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    I saw this the other day...I'm curious if it'd fit a skinned treo, for when i want extra protection and/or a belt clip.
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    I saw this at Fry's and tried it. I like the clip used because it results in the case being very close to the body. The sides are elastic so it really hugs the 650. I use the universal egrips on the back of my 650 and it required a 2-handed operation to get the phone out of the case and leave the case clipped to my belt. Not sure how easy to get the phone out if you're not using egrips.
    It is high quality, has a very nice finish and very thin profile, but I didn't go for it because it didn't play well with the egrips.
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    Thanks garfield for your feedback! I think I'll consider it for when I travel soon and need the hard shell protection. I wonder now how thick this is since I don't want it too bulky for when I carry it in my pocket?
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    I just ordered this last week and a bit disappointed. As Garfield says it's very tight, even without egrips. I can barely get my Treo out and I think the buttons are getting pushed while in the case. For example when the phone rings and I try to take it out, it seems to hit the answer button.

    Other than that, I agree that the case seems nice, we'll see if it loosens up over time.

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