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    I just did the update to my Sprint 650, and I'm relatively sure that I got a huge boost in volume on my Treo headset. I can't be sure that it's from the update- it could have just been the act of pairing the headset with the handset again, but I don't think so. This was my biggest gripe about the headset, and now that seems to be fixed.
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    it's the update
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    Odd that they don't include that in the list of "fixes"

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    I did not see any such boost in volume on my Scala-500. Actually, I think the volume may have gotten worse.

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    If you browse the update threads the general consensus seems to be the bt volume is fixed. BTmute programmer JeffGipson said it is fixed. The mute trick also no longer works.

    I think it's not in the list of fixes because they never admitted it was a problem.

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