Are there any alternatives to PDANet for the T600?

I don't care if they only support 2G 14.4kbps data, as I don't use 1xRTT right now due to Verizon's exorbitant costs.

I would prefer something that provided an AT command set so that I can use the T600 as a modem to dial Earthlink with just like I did with my old Kyo 6035. (Well, with the 6035 I used Verizon QNC, but VZW will automatically reroute QNC attempts to their 1X network with the Treos.)

PDANet is not an option for me, as it does not support a standard AT command set or have a documented protocol between the PC and PDA so that support for non-Windows platforms can be implemented. (Specifically, it needs to be Linux compatible.)