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    I was wondering if anyone using it knows how to save a favorite spot by the LAT/LONG instead of the street address? The reason I ask, I was out fishing and found a great hole that a lot of fish were submerged in. I thought I would save that spot so I pulled out the Treo and the receiver and got my location. The problem is that when you try to save it says "No usable address. Cannot save favorite." If I could just save by LAT/LONG instead of address it would work great.

    I also need to know if anyone knows of some good pilot software for the Treo that would use my TomTom GPS receiver? I am a pilot and would love to use my Treo instead of my Airmap from Lowrance. I used the TomTom on the plane the other day in a 757 and it is funny as can be getting a speed-reading of 576 mph.

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    TomRom Navigator 5 for Palm is coming out soon.. with customisable Point of Interest. See their website @ Maybe this new version will address some of your needs.

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