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    Alright, before anyone flames me, I did try a few different searches for auto software, and only came up with threads that were 4 years old. And for those of you that like to say: "Well if you really did do a search you would have found this", how about telling me what search strings you used so I can try different searches in the future. Sorry bout the rant, on to the question:

    Anyone using any auto maintenance software that works well with the 650? I've seen a few cheesy ones, but really I'd just like to be able to keep maintenance logs, maybe insurance info. I don't really care about it giving me reports on my cost/mile, etc. Just a good log with an easy to use interface.
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    Teal auto does that stuff. Lets you set up reminders for service for multiple cars./ Does the fuel mileage stuff too but no one says you have to use it.

    I've used it for over a year and it works pretty well.
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    Thanks woof, I'll check it out
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    My wife swears by Autoslate
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    There's a program called "Auto Buddy" which is a freeware. I got it from
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    I second the rec for Teal Auto.

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    I use totalcar.
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    Just installed TealAuto today. Looks groovy! I also installed the TealAuto Manual .prc file (30kb) but I can't seem to access it. Should I uninstall the manual or is there something I'm not doing right?
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    I just realized you Need Teal Doc to read the manual. Sheesh! Would Docs to Go be able to read this file? If not, I'll just look at the PDF file on a desktop computer.
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    If it is truely a PDF on PC, why not convert to PDF for Treo & download it?
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    I've been using TealAuto for a few months now. Find it works great for service logs/reminders and fuel logs. Also use it for trip logs to keep track of mileage on occasion. I haven't found anything specific to insurance info, but I keep that in SplashID anyway.
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    This might help you out:

    Auto Maintenance

    I used the search string "auto maintenance"

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