Looking for help with a problem with Sunrise/Plucker on my treo 650. I have noticed that there is a problem with my Treo reseting when using Sunrise/Plucker for reading webpages/feeds offline.

After the reset it Plucker has problems running, either it will reset again as soon as it tries to launch the Plucker app or it will reset when I try to launch one of the documents from the main Plucker window it sometimes gives a exception code 515 before reseting. When I do the #*377 code from my the phone it tells me that the reason of the reset was Plucker.....duh!

I have also noticed that sometimes the trigger for the reset is when I press the down arrow on the dpad to scroll down the document. After the crash/reset plucker is pretty much useless and requires me to either hard reset or over write all the data on my Treo with the backup on my PC.

If I try to reinstall the Plucker and/or Sunrise app on my Treo it makes no difference to the reseting, the only way to resolve the problem is a hard reset or the PC overwriting the Treo. Looks like some database for Plucker is getting corrupted or something.

I have installed the syszlib file for arm optimisation but the problem remains. It is starting to get really annoying.

Does anyone else have the same problems or ideas on how to resolve this. Other than this my Treo is excellent and reasonably stable. I don't really want to go back to AvantGo due to the memory problems on the GSM versions, maybe when the ROM update comes around for the GSM ROW phones I will ditch Plucker/Sunrise because of this.