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    when i try to send a message thru chatter, i get an arror message: "Sending error" 451 4.3.0 Mail seerver temporarily rejected message". I used gmail and have it set up as

    i am also getting random text messages with a bunch of characters from "unknown" (a few an hour)...any ideas?
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    I've never heard of this before; are the "unknown" messages in the GMail account as well? You can send me a log if you like, but it sounds like some GMail weirdness.

  3.    #3 unknown mails in gmail; just text messages. i try to send a message in chatter thru my gmail and it says Cnct...Auth...SSL (for a long time...then send (for a long time) but doesnt do anything...
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    i can receive emails fine (thru gmail to fastmail to chatter)
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    Maybe send a log - the "temporarily rejected" thing is odd... What are "text messages"? SMS?

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    i just uninstalled and installed chatter and set everything back up, still won't send messages. it has not given me that error again but freezes on "send" and gives me a generic error message.

    how do I send you a log? Befire I reinstalled I typed in "log" in console but how do I turn it off and send it to you (esp. if chatter in not sending messages?)
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    You can't use the Gmail SMTP server to send mail.. you must use your ISP's SMTP. (eg.
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    "log" toggles logging, so enter it again. To send the "old" way, use "Shutdown ChatterEmail", then hotsync your Treo. Email me the ChatterLog.pdb file (to with a brief note.

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    bio....i've been using gmail to send mail all just started acting up today!
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    Ok Marc, I'll have to do it when I get home from work tonite. thx
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23
    bio....i've been using gmail to send mail all just started acting up today!
    I was using a free trial that ran out about three weeks ago with Gmail SMTP with no problems. Yesterday I bought a license and started getting this "Sending Error: Your Message has been Saved in Drafts" box after sending. I get the Cnct--> Auth--> SSL (long time, way longer than the trial ever did)--> Send--> Error = Recipiant gets email. It also just went; Cnct--> Auth--> SSL --> Error = Recipiant gets email, with no stopping to say "Send". My Treo also just reset for no reason while I've been typing this.

    What's up Mark, some kind of bait and switch where the trial works and then your hosed when you buy it ? Just kidding, I really like his app, I'm sure I must have done something when I upgraded/registered.
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    fry-man... Honestly, I think Gmail's SMTP system is broken. But the latest betas work with it.

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    I'm HotSyncing the latest and greatest now. Thanks again for the replys.

    Outstanding, got messages in Treo Sent and also no error message for sent mail.

    Thanks again Marc!
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