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    I installed the Palm Desktop 4.1.4 that comes with my Treo 650. Every time I do ctrl-f to do a find on the desktop I get this message that begins with...

    Welcome to Media use this install Windows Media Player 9.0. The message opens in a grey box and stays on the screen for several seconds before actually initiating my find request.

    I am not even in the media section of the desktop and I also have Windows Media Player 10.0 installed, running Win XP.

    Anyone else have this issue or have any suggestions on how to get rid of the message?

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    I have this as well. I installed Windows Media 10. I then tried to install Window Media 9 thinking maybe it needed the older version and I got an error message saying I already a newer version of Windows Media Player installed and it exited the instal of Windows Media Play 9. I am stumped.
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    I got that message when I did Tools, Options, Tools, Check Now.

    Go figure!
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    Anybody find a way to keep this message from displaying? I have media player 9 installed, but everytime I do a search in palm desktop, I get that stupid message which displays for an eternity before returning any search results. There must be a flag in the registry or some config file that needs to be changed. I'm running 4.1.4 desktop...
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    Hello out there !
    HAs anybody found a solution about this annoying message "Welcome to Media Desktop..." which in my case, shows up everytime I do a search on my palm desktop (I mean - the first search after I start the palm desktop software...). This happens both in my home computer and my laptop - and I'm on windows XP with media player 10.
    Thanks !
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    I'm interested to hear a fix for this too! Anyone?
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    Hello all,

    this thread is the only result if you search for "Welcome to Media Desktop" in google.
    Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
    I think it's so annoying as the once quick search function in Palm Desktop is slowed down so annoyingly. I also installed the latest Media Player just to get rid of the message box, no change.


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    Is there a google plug in to search the palm desktop? This would be a better alternative than waiting for Palm to fix it.
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    i think i have the answer. i was experiencing the same with my treo 650; i called sprint and he gave me this link which you cannot access with firefox; you must use internet explorer
    It is a smaller version of the desktop and it works.First uninstall the other version (maybe backup your data first i did but after installing the new version all my data still came back) then reinstall this new version of desktop. It works
    solved the problem
    let me know good luck
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    thanks jacki488!
    I just followed your recommendations and it worked !!!
    That pop-up message "welcome to the media desktop"... was driving me crazy - and you're the first I could find that actulally provided a solution for this! thanks and congratulations!
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    jacki488's link points to version 4.1.4.

    According to Palm's site, you should use 4.1.4E ( for devices using the extended PIM fields, like the 650. If you install 4.1.4 on top of 4.1.4E, don't you lose the extended fields in the desktop?
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    I tried to download the suggested link in the above messages, but it is not avialable anymore.

    Some body has that download with him? Can u please email me at or provide me any other link ?

    Has anybody found anyother solution for it ?


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