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    Does the latest Zlauncher support a theme or plug-in that would display the status of BT on the 650? It would be nice to be able to see if bluetooth is on, paired, or off.

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    ZLauncher does not seem to display any of the icons of apps in ROM on the top or bottom bars.
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    No, I've just gotten in the habit to quickly toggle to the phone app.
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    It would appear that ZLauncher needs to add "Bluetooth (status)" as an "Info Button" so that it can be displayed on the top or bottom bar, along with signal strength, battery state, etc.
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    I sent them an email asking for this yesterday and got a "great idea, we'll consider this for the next release" email today. You might be surprised, but I truly believe they listen and won't be surprised if it's in the next release.

    Perhaps it's just coincidence, but I asked for a "dump app list to memo" function (like FileZ's) about a month ago and it showed up in the 5.2 release.

    I'm just some nameless, faceless customer to them, but my experience is that they seem to listen and do what their customer's ask for.
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    check out this app...

    I use butler to pop up the command bar with press and hold of the meny button in any app and there ya go
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    Pretty cool - thanks dutchtrumpet (I find myself saying that alot lately)

    I need to play with it some more, but I was hoping for the ability to turn it on/off certain times of the day (commute mainly). At first glance, it doesn't look like it does that. I really want geakware to add that to TreoGuard. Never was good at waiting.

    I'll have to hunt around for more BT apps - maybe there is something else that does that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    I use butler to pop up the command bar with press and hold of the meny button in any app and there ya go
    I have BT tied to the B key as a favorite, so with Butler, holding B in any app lets me see the status (kind of the same function as your setup)
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    I agree, it should be in the next release of Zlauncher. Maybe an information button also linked to the bluetooyh prefs.
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    I tried BF on my Sprint650, but it would hang when an incoming call came in and not automatically turn on Bluetooth. I got rid of it... Is it working for you, or do use it differently (not automatically turn BT on with the phone app)? Thx...
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    I have bt in zlauncher quicklaunch list for easy access.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    I have bt in zlauncher quicklaunch list for easy access.
    That's a good idea. And it's easy as bluetooth exists as an application.
    I want to do the same for Network Prefs, but that's not an application (only a panel in prefs)
    Is there a way to put a direct link to network prefs ?

    ok, I've found a way. I created a new tab in ZLauncher with "panel" property.
    then I selected from that panel the network and added that to QuickLaunch.

    But, is there a way to do this without adding the new tab ?
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    I did a little searching at palmgear and freewarepalm for any related utilities. I search for "bluetooth" and skimmed thru the descriptions but didn't find anything like BlueFang or "BT on at certain times of day".

    If you want the icon added to ZL, let them know.

    If you want BT radio schedule control, tell Geoff (TreoGuard developer) in this thread

    Both developers listen, but "strength in numbers" raises priority.

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