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    I would like to be able to keep calendar info on 2 Treos in sync wirelessly (one 600 on verizon - one 650 on Cingular). I would like to be able to make an appointment on my 650 and have my partner access that info, I would like to do the same if she makes an appointment.

    Am I dreaming or is something like this possible?


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    that would be nice
    That way I could share my agenda with my wife (she has a Treo 600)

    hmmm; maybe an application to send/receive agenda updates automatically.
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    Can do it with WeSync
    Great concept, I used it for awhile. Would allow you to have multiple calendars for personal, work, cubscouts, etc... Then Palm bought company and it never caught on. Later shut it down. Now sold to another company who promises to release a new version "soon".

    Also, for just 2 users can do DualDate but requires that you "beam" to your spouse.

    WeSync would do via internet/cradle sync.

    And SyncUs but requires you use same computer to sync

    Could also try will let you share with friends and sync to palm. But, not exactly sure how would work with two palms syncing to same calendar. Would it be exacty copy on both?

    More discussion here:
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    I haven't tried it, but you may want to check out scheduleUs, which looks like a good overall family calendar, too:

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