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    I know, it's my fault not to read the manual (yet) , but I don't have the manual with me now and I wonder where (which database) does the photos added to any contact go in RAM ?

    e.g. I added a photo of my wife to the related contact item, and I can't find it in RAM. The original photo is in SD card. I guess it must be copied to ram by the contacts application. right ?

    ps. I'm not sure this information is in manual but any help will be fine...
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    I posted some info on this in the past including file sizes. Please do a search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFrank
    I posted some info on this in the past including file sizes. Please do a search.

    I did the search took quit awhile and had to contantly change the search options, but I did find this....

    Sorry ilkeraktuna, this is one reason I don't post much on here, I surf for answers alot and read and do the search cause heaven forbid you ask a question that you did search for and didn't find.....usually if I can't find an answer I just wait and see if someone else asks it.
    As for FastFrank maybe it's just early in the morning and he hasn't had his coffee yet.
  4. #4 too. After searching forever, using multiple terms in every logical combination, sometimes I still come up empty. I just wait for some poor unsuspecting noob to post and get blasted. There's always one or two people who will help in the midst of a barrage of sarcasm. There's a funny thread about it in the Treocentral section. Andrew somebody started it and it's pretty entertaining.
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    ok; thanks guys
    I think it's most important to make the topic related to what's inside it.
    that way search would be more efficient.
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    Did you delete the picture and need to re-apply it or do you want to just find the file for it?
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    I just needed to learn where the photo is stored.
    I would prefer the hidden media memory for this purpose. Not the contacts DB.

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