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    Ever since I got through the firmware updates last week and re-synced my Treo 650, I have duplicates of EVERY contact, and those duplicates are missing info to boot! (i.e. no cell numbers for people).

    Anyway, what I would like to do is just to ERASE all the contacts and re-sync by telling the computer to overwrite the palm.

    I'm wracking my brain over this... anyone know?


    TREO 650
    Mac OS X
    Missing Sync Software
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    Quote Originally Posted by amo88ny
    re-sync by telling the computer to overwrite the palm.
    Doesn't this do the trick? I am not sure you would need to delet them if the computer is going to overwrite them.
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    Regarding re-syncing:
    I think you answered your own question.
    Re-syncing and selecting "computer overwrites handheld" will do it for you. That will completely replace the data in the contacts database on your Treo with the data from your computer.
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    I ran into a problem some weeks ago where my Contacts DB seemed to get corrupted, such that, even when I tried to overwrite from my Mac (OS 9, though), it didn't work -- the Treo would soft reset during HotSync. So, I indeed had to delete the Contacts file(s). Once I did, the next overwrite worked great.

    I used FileZ to delete ContactsDB-PAdd and, for good measure, AddressDB.
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    Hi guys...
    Yes, I did in fact choose "Macintosh overwrites device" but it did nothing! Very weird, I know.
    Idoron, thanks for the tip on FileZ. I installed it, erased the contacts and addresses, then resynced, but ended up with duped contacts again!! And to make matters worse, phone numbers within the contacts are messed up and recategorized under such categories as "email."

    I have not a clue what is going on.
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    dont know if it works the same with macs, but in windows explorer you go to the palm-folder, open your user-folder, in there you find the address-folder. back up the files in there, then delete them. your contacts should have disappeard in the desktop version.

    when you hotsync afterwards let the mac override the handheld.
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    Mark/Space released an update (v4.0.4) for Missing Sync recently which, according to the release notes, fixes at least some Treo 650 problems. If you aren't already running it, give it a shot.
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    Hi folks...
    For anyone who might still be following this post, it turns out I had a conduit conflict.
    The good people at Mark Space made me aware of it when I sent them a list of what I had installed. All my problems are fixed!
    This is what they told me:

    You do have a conduit conflict. You need to move the Palm Desktop Conduits to the disabled folder. These conduits are: Calendar Conduit, Contacts Conduit and Tasks Conduit. Then remove all duplicates from Address Book and iCal, and then:

    1. Open iSync and click on the device in question.
    2. Click on the 'Devices' menu and choose 'Remove Device'
    3. Go back to Missing Sync and double click on the iSync conduit
    4. Enable iSync for the device.
    5. Go back to iSync and see the device

    There will be an option listed for the first sync. The dropdown list gives you the choices of:

    Merge data on computer and device
    Erase data on device then sync

    Then choose the 'Erase data on device then sync' option.

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