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    I do not think there is anything more poorly documented, in all the world, than Treo 600 synchronization.

    Here is what I want to do - get all my Treo 600 contacts onto my computer so that I can transfer them to my new Treo 650. I do not want ANY synchronization to take place between Outlook and either Treo. This is key, I must be sure that nothing in Outlook is affected by this synchronization.

    How do I do this? I've got all kinds of Palm-related stuff on my computer - Chapura, Pocket Mirror, Palm Desktop, HotSync, Conduits, etc. I have no idea what most of this stuff does because the documentation is woefully poor.

    My Palm Desktop application seems to have a bunch of stuff in it from when I first synced my 600 with my previous Sanyo cell phone. I do not want my Treo syncing with this data either.

    Please, someone tell me how to complete this task. I would think this should be a rather simple task but it just doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

    If you can be kind enough to advise what my settings should be, that would be helpful as well. I have no idea what most of the conduits mean: Install, Install Service Templates, Install To Card, System... None of these conduits are documented ANYWHERE! I've disabled all of them, but I'd like to know what these are for, can anyone provide a link?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Poking around the Hnadspring website, it sounds as if installing Pocket Mirror will prevent me from syncing with Palm Desktop. Could that be right? If so, what do I do now???? (I've installed Pocket Mirror)

    I really need to transfer all my contacts from Treo 600 to Treo 650 without disturbing Outlook. HELP!!!
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    Hello USCPsycho,

    To answer your question, you need to synch your Treo 600 to your Palm Desktop, *only*. Then all your contacts will be backed up to the Palm Desktop. Then follow the installation procedure for your new Treo 650, and it will figure out that all your data was most recently backed up to the Palm Desktop, and not Outlook. It will restore all data into your new Palm 650 from the Palm Desktop, and you will be fine.

    If the data in your Palm Desktop is suspect, and you are happy with the data in your Treo 600, then browse around in Palm Deskotop, and delete all data there, in all applications. Then, go to your hot synch manager, and select Custom, and browse through all the hotsynch options, and make sure they are set how you want them, meaning, Handheld Overwirtes Desktop. Also, if you don't want it going into Outlook, make sure you don't see (Outlook) anywhere. If you do, you have those conduits installed. I haven't done an install since the Pal Pilot Professional days except for my Treo 650, but in that case, it required me to insert the CD in order to change the synching from PDesktop to Outlook, and vice versa. So if you see (Outlook) anywhere, you might need to find your Treo 600 CD, and go through the install (to your desktop) procedure, to change your choice to synching to the Palm Desktop, instead of Outlook.

    Once that is done, go back to hot synch manager, and make sure everything indicates that it will be synched to Palm Desktop and not (outlook). Once you are satisfied, then do your hot synch to back up all data from your palm to your desktop.

    Now, Make a backup of your Palm folder, if you are superstitious.

    If you have made previous attempts with your 650, you may have garbage on your Treo 650. In that case, do a hard reset of your Treo 650 to delete everything and start fresh, before the next step.

    Now, follow the instructions for your new Treo 650, and the CD software installation should be fine. It will see that your previous palm was synched with the palm desktop *only*, so it will restore records from your palm desktop *only* to your new treo.

    Hope this helps!

    ...Sherry -- my history follows:
    For 6 years, I synched everything from my Palm Pilot Professional to the Palm Desktop. In the beginning, I had Outlook, but, as far as I know, there was no ability to synch the PPP to it way back then. So *everything* in my life was entered into my PPP datebook.

    Then, last June, I acquired a boss who wanted my Outlook calendar to be current. That means, when I schedule a dentist appointment on my Palm, he wanted to know by looking at my Outlook calendar, that I was not available during that time. This meant I would have to find software to synch only the Datebook to the Outlook Calendar, putting the things I entered into my PPP, into Outlook Calendar. I didn't want memos, tasks, etc. all into outlook either, because our IT department can view those whenever they want. I *certainly* didn't want any appointments that were in my outlook calendar containing wordy meeting requests I accepted from my coworkers including giant attachments, etc. getting into my Palm, which, after 5 years of use, was a diary and personal and medical journal of my life. To this end, I bought Chapura PocketMirror (expensed it) so that I could *selectively* synch *only* my Datebook into my Outlook calendar, with Handheld Overwrites Desktop chosen. Unfortunately, synching took 2 hours to do, each week. Needless to say, if I had to schedule something personal in my Palm, I still had to manually enter it into my outlook calendar if I didn't want to spend the 2 hours synching, and have my Palm tied to the computer and the wall for the duration. :-(

    This is why I bought the Treo 650: It was the next Palm device that had a *user replaceable* battery, with a cradle (mine is shipping today, they tell me) that would allow me to charge the spare battery, while taking my Palm with me. I thought the USB attachment (instead of the serial attachment the PPP used) would make the Chapure Pocketmirror synch go *much* faster. Unfortunatley, I was wrong. It now takes 1.5 hours to do the synch to Outlook. Handheld Overwrites Desktop means you are doing a complete export of every record. For some reason, synching all the same data to the Palm Desktop only takes 3 minutes. So I abandoned the idea of synching my datebook to the outlook calendar. I told my boss that it was faster for me to manually re-enter items into outlook. I think he understands, now. His wife has the same issues.
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    With regard to that 2 hour sync thing, is there not a way for Outlook to "truncate" your calendar. I don't use "MS Lookout" as I call it and instead have been using Lotus Organizer for the last 13 years. Each year I start a new file and import the contacts sections intot he new file but NOT calendar, To Do, etc. The old file gets renamed say OrgFile 2004 and is a permanent record of what I did in 2004. This new file is the file I sync with the Palm and even when overwriting goes pretty fast cause it doesn't have 13 years of stuff to do each time. But anytime I need to I can always open the 2004, 2001, or 1993 Org file to see any old stuff.

    I imagine you could do the same thing in PD.

    Alternately. Couldn't you sync to Palm Desktop and then "export" the calendar file to outlook on your desktop. I do that often recently w/ Organizer these days as I don't yet have a sync program for Organizer that works on the 650 (due out by end of this month) and it doesn't take more than a few seconds.

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